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Money is not the priority here, you are. The vision outlined will come together eventually, one way or another. You can make a difference. The greater the funding, the less I will need to be away working my day job and the more time I can be around to make things even better for whoever comes to visit, yourself included. So far, the only funding source has been myself. The next step will be to establish museHaven as a farm with its own operating account, so all funding and expenditures are transparent. Once there are enough board members aligned to assure long term continuity, a trust foundation will be formed to oversee evolution across future generations. Any funds invested, either directly or through a crowdfunding site, will be credited towards an eventual share purchase or any product from a side venture, such as coffee, chocolate or spirits. Once the first 20 shares are sold, a waiting list will be established. Money is a detail, people are fundamental.
The first 20 Charter Member shares at $5,000 each are worth 50 days all inclusive accommodation. The next 180 have a sliding scale value based on purchase order. Regular shares will be worth 32 days. All shares have dividend days, one day credit added each year as long as you have a balance.
For a limited time, a mini-share option of four nights for $500 will be available, extendable at $125 per night. Eventually, it will be three nights at the same price, $167 per extra night. Anything already spent would be credited towards a full share purchase. As more full shares are sold, mini-shares will be offered less.