The Kubota KX-040 just went on Plumfund for $69,069 The NPK-2 hydraulic hammer will post soon for $11,111 676 trees will be up for adoption at $99 each in lots of 10 on multiple sites to spread the word in a greater diversity of locations to assure a wider mix of members. Most trees will be cacao and exotic fruit, listed once they are planted. Selection will be first come first serve. If your tree dies within the first five years, you can choose a replacement free of charge. Designate whatever form of dedication marker you wish. Periodic images will be added to our tree gallery, some with time lapse videos. When you visit, if the fruit of your tree is in season, you can eat all you want and share the bounty with others. Eventually we can ship you coffee, chocolate, jam and other yummy things, some of it from your tree that may well endure in your memory or whoever you designate. We do not seek charity. Whatever funds you decide to share now will be credited for later. There is already coffee, macadamia nuts, mango, avocados, bananas, citrus, lychee, guava, passion fruit and papaya to share with guests. Processing shippable items will happen eventually. The first treehouse should be ready within the next few months.