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When we are children, anything seems possible, the world is full of wonder and laughter comes easily. Then what happens? We are taught to conform, originality is scorned. We are told what to think by those less inclined to give things much thought. How many of us have ideas that stay on the back burner?  
How about wearing multiple hats? Responsibilities and chores would be outlined. You could work half a day, then be off, having earned a volunteer day credit which would be redeemable for one day of accommodation. When inspiration strikes, you could get someone to cover your tasks on an hourly basis. There would be an online bulletin board showing who is around, with what priorities and who may be willing or needing to switch gears. The best time to gain credit will be during the initial building phase when labor is in highest demand, so in theory, you wouldn’t need to buy a share to stay for free based on the work you did.