Working as a flight attendant, I shared an apartment with many colleagues, few staying at any one time, each paying a fraction of the rent. Adapting this same concept on a greater scale, imagine the possibilities. MuseHaven is about giving you the highest quality time so your mind can be freed from material concerns to focus on creativity. Helping to bring out the masterpiece inside of you for the world to behold will be our legacy. By mixing different cultural and artistic backgrounds, we hope to blaze new paths with a fusion of positive energy. Whatever form beauty takes, once it gets into your heart, you are less likely to be dragged down by daily drudgery. Money won’t make you happy, but how you use it can help in that direction. Our success will set an example of how things could be in a more perfect world. More than a place to create. It’s a movement, a mindset that can stay in your heart and keep you content. An oasis for your spirit in a world that can dry you out.
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