the rest of this site may seem like a pipe dream so far, yet part of the museHaven concept could apply to provide you with a home away from home, making a difference in your quality of life between trips, while saving you money. Thank-you to those who have given their input so far and those who may do so eventually. For what I could afford by myself, we could find a decent three bedroom house within 10  minutes of LAX in a safe neighborhood. With enough of us on the same page, I could negotiate for something twice the size, much nicer than most of us could afford independently. The first step towards making this a reality is to get enough people together thinking in the same direction. Please email me,  No obligation. I'm doing the research, can negotiate the terms, sign the paperwork, pay the bills, etc.  You have the option of trying it out, If not satisfied, you can move on to something else. By then there will likely be a waiting list of those willing to pay more than what you did, since the introductory incentives will be gone. The more we can combine our resources, the more we can save money. Perhaps you have been lucky, but based on my experience, most crashpads suck because the priority is profit. We make the best of it, but the money is likely going to some greedy landlord. Merely the name implies compromise, so I prefer to call this the reLAXpad Together we can make a statement and find a happy balance between crowded and lonely to provide the best possible value. For now, we are in the exploration phase. Whoever shows interest will be updated as things develop. You can add your input, participate in the selection process and if it goes to the next step, you will know first. Once an offer is accepted on a house, the promotional period starts when you can establish your position by making a deposit until three days before the closing date. During the move-in period, it might be possible to stay for free until things are fully operational. How much and how soon you are willing to invest will determine your rate and position on the waiting list.  The proposed pricing structure, as anything, is open to discussion.  The higher your balance, the less you pay. For example, if at the start of the month, your balance was 2250, your rent would be 275. The following month, if you didn’t add anything, your balance would be 1975, so your rent would be 280. If you kept your balance above 5k, your rent would be 240, plus there would be other incentives. You can pay monthly or per night, whichever is cheaper, based on a maximum of 9 nights per 30 day period. If you go over, an extra $30 per night fee will apply.  You can also have a guest, certain limitations might apply. Please email me any questions. It would also help to know how much you are currently spending and what you get for it.  All you need to do now is to let me know you are interested. If I don’t hear from enough of my colleagues, there is a limit to how much time I am willing to devote to this. There have been possibilities where my offer came up short, but perhaps this was for the better. By aligning our resources, not just money, but more importantly our combined know how, we could do so much better. While an experiment of sorts, I would be assuming the risk by backing it with my funds. While I could go it alone and risk becoming a mortgage whore, it would be wiser to first see how many make the effort to contact me. So far, the response has been minimal. Perhaps you heard the joke about how many flight attendants it takes to change a lightbulb, that they would rather complain in the dark. I had hoped that was just a joke, now I’m not so sure. In spite of the perceived demand for a better crashpad option at LAX, maybe I’m thinking too far outside the box. Thanks for reading this far. There is a property on Kona that I will be looking at soon. The funds which could have gone towards improving your life between trips might instead be used in a different direction. Dreams become reality in proportion to how widely they are shared. Thanks again for your time and thought.