Never sell out Our main purpose is to be an incubator of creative potential. Better ways to reach this goal will evolve with time, yet we must maintain the integrity of our core principles and remain independent. Anyone can join for free and submit ideas. Decisions will be made by consensus, with most financial issues limited to shareholders. Transparency The operating account will be viewable online so you can question any transaction. If you don’t like the answer, you can get your money back. Respect culture and diversity We embrace and seek to learn from all cultures, species and gender expressions. Privacy Anyone of perceived celebrity status should be treated equally and with discretion. Please consider that someone may be trying to stay focused on creation and wishes to stay in their bubble for the moment. This is a place to relax and chill, so please be cool. Whoever you encounter, it’s nobody else’s business. Thanks for keeping it to yourself. Flexibility If you are unable to arrive as planned or would like stay longer, no worries. We won’t target full capacity in order to have extra room to handle booking fluctuations. You can sell back your unused credit any time for a prorated refund subject to budget obligations. No hidden fees Your shares entitle you and whoever you choose to hassle free accommodation with transportation between the airport or other excursions, plus food and beverage at any hour. eco friendly and sustainable Whenever fiscally prudent, we will choose renewable resources such as solar energy, rainwater irrigation, energy efficient structures, grow our own food, etc. We will work in harmony with nature to enhance biodiversity and balance. Revenue Benefits from side ventures such will be shared between the cooperative and the individuals whose expertise made it possible. Budget surplus will be used to expand to new locations. Indemnity While every effort will be made to protect the safety of our guests, we assume no liability for any unforeseen misfortune. Upon entering the property, you do so at your own risk and assume full responsibility for any ensuing consequence. In other words, we cannot risk that some careless crybaby gets hurt then tries to lawyer up and take everything.