18May2020 (For longer than I would care to admit, I keep telling people that this site is due for a major update. Today’s email to a seed supplier is a step in that direction …) below is text from my chat today with amazon have kind of gone off the deep end lately buying cover crops from you through prime for the free shipping today when I picked up the rest of Order# at the post office, instead of the Salvia Blue Victory, there was 1000 Rosemary seeds. Amazon gave me a partial credit for the ripped buckwheat bag since it looks to be their mistake, not sure what to do with the rosemary, already have some, but yours looks even better Your instructions and packaging are excellent. Got on your site for the first time today and there are many herbs I would like to try on my 10 acre former Japanese farm in Holualoa, about 1200-1300 elevation overlooking Kailua Kona, HI it is in the Kona coffee belt, great soil and rainfall, it cools down in the evening, but rarely below 50ish the previous owner had some of the land "cleaned up" with a large excavator, resulting in nature's revenge of a copious profusion of large weeds, so with my smaller excavator, as I take out the weeds, I plan to throw down alfalfa, clover, vetch, buckwheat, turnip, daikon, cowpeas, etc so it feels like we are partners in the sense that much of your seed is on my land in order to prevent erosion, otherwise topsoil washes downhill, compete with the weeds and nourish the bees there are also feral pigs and fowl which would get through any fencing attempt, who I would rather feed than kill, so whatever is not plowed under once I landscape the terraced raised beds, may offer more immediate sustenance than my crops, until a trapping system is put in place one objective here is to showcase the coolest possible variety, primarily edible or medicinal, with culinary tours including lunch made from whatever was harvested that morning my site,, outlines the initial concept of an artist retreat which has progressively morphed towards a limited form of agritourism, plants don't talk back I keep meaning to get around to updating the site, but days go by so fast with so much to do then after dinner I am usually too tired to do anything but sleep perhaps I may use some of this email to kick off the new blog section, better a functional correspondence than a meandering narrative it is all an experiment, in a magical place blessed with fertility and life this detail is being shared in the hope to inspire any insight you may have towards this adventure the climate zone criteria seems to be based on extremes, while here it seldom gets very hot or cold not yet sure how the cover crops already purchased will work out, will keep you posted chances are I will buy more from you, but some seeds may go to waste would love to try Angelica, but 39F for a month may be doable by dumping ice on it each evening ideally, a variety pack with token quantities of whatever you think might have a chance would encourage more experimentation with less worry of being stuck with seed that did not work out perhaps there are seeds which would grow better here than where you are, not yet part of your public inventory it is more about working together than saving money, so if you might consider throwing together a sort of grab bag for a nominal fee, couldn't that work out to be a lot more fun? the concept of soliciting seed suppliers for product in exchange for promotional considerations has been considered, but so far I have relatively nothing to show, the internet is so full of blablabla my enthusiasm could make me seem like a huckster, yet I am not in this for money I want to give my neighbors better culinary and herbal options and the world an example of something way cool wherever it goes from here, thanks for being part of this chain of circumstance so far... take care, David W Lewis the bag was torn and buckwheat seeds were spilled inside the box. It is not the seller's fault. when multiple items are mixed in the same shipping box, it would be a good idea to double bag large seed bags, looks like a smaller box with heavy item caused the tear. I don't need a refund, but partial credit would seem fair.